Sunday, July 23, 2006

White House Invites Separatist Hate-Monger!

Mr. Rahim Shahbazi, a known hate-monger and separatist, has apparently been extended a warm welcome from the Bush administration. This is a very disconcerting turn of events. It is alarming that people such as Rahim Shahbazi are being invited at the highest levels of the US administration. I have forwarded two letters (see below at end of e-mail) that were drafted in protest against the decision to invite Shahbazi to the White House.

Shahbazi regularly uses profanity to address fellow Iranians and is a fanatic Azeri seperatist and follower of Grey Wolf-Pan-Turkic racialism - see links:

Website One

Website Two

It would seem that Shabazi is being promoted by Michael Ledeen.

Ledeen's support for the separation of Azerbaijan is becoming more open. See the "open letter" by Ayshin Mousavi (A follower of Azeri seperatists) to Michael Ledeen:


You must scroll down a lot to see the letter. Note that the entire site is very anti-Iran. Note the logo of the Azerbaijan chapter of the Grey Wolf movement:

The webiste is also very proud that Turkey is sponsoring an anti-Iran seperatist Azerbaijani TV station named Gunaz (Guney Azerbaijan - South Azerbaijan). Grey Wolf pan-Turkic racism is being actively funded in propagated in Iranian Azerbaijan. Note the picture of a Grey Wolf rally taken during a celebration of a Babak Khorramdin's rebellion against the Arab caliphate - they are flashing the Grey Wolf salute popular among Grey Wolf followers in Turkey:

These participants have been brainwashed by pan-Turkic/Grey Wolf ideology to think that Babak was an anti-Persian seperatist. They also believe that Sattar Khan was fighting in the name of Azerbaijan's separation from Iran.

Note also the map below showing Turkey having absorbed Iranian Azerbaijan and the Republic of Azerbaijan - this was posted by an individual named "Oslonor":

Few seen aware that such ideas are common in Turkey. Inexplicably, this person's writings are regularly posted on the Persian Journal website.

Kaveh Farrokh

In a message dated 7/23/2006 3:17:59 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

Dear Mr. President

On July 20, 2006, a briefing on the future of democracy was held at the White House.

Among the distinguished panelists a despicable character by the name of Rahim Shahbazi was also in attendance.

This individual is not only an Azari (Iranian Turk) separatist but also a racist hate mongerwho addresses Persians by vulgar profanity.

Errors of this nature certainly damages the American good will and intentions as an individual who denies being an Iranian (and is insulting his compatriots) is invited as a participant on the future of democracy for our homeland.

For background information on Shahbazi please note the following links:

Background One

Background Two

For the future please note that Inviting separatists to a round table discussion about the future of Iran,

will only create division among Iranian opposition. The most important factor for a patriot is his/her Iranian nationality that comes before ethnicity, religion, color or creed. Any discussions of jeopardizing Iranian territorial integrity will divide the Iranian opposition and cause the Iranians inside the country to rally behind the Mullahs.

Your attention and cooperation regarding this sensitive issue among Iranians is much appreciated.

Sincerely Yours,

Ramin Etebar, M.D.

Letter to Mr. Burns and Mr. Abrams by Professor Manouchehr Ganji former Iranian Minister of Education:

The Honorable Nicholas Burns
Under Secretary, Political Affairs

US Dept OF State

The Honorable Elliott Abrams

National Security Advisor

White House

Dear Sirs

I want to congratulate both of you for having invited a group of my compatriots to participate in a gathering of pro-democracy activity at the White House on July 20, 2006. The hope by both of you expressed at the meeting for the people of iran to achieve their goal of democratic Iran is heartwarming.

The only suggestion I wish to make for the success of your future endeavor in this respect is to better study The background and credibility of those you are inviting. For instance Mr. Rahim Shahbazi, one of your participants, by looking at his background on the web, I really wonder whether he should have been invited. How do you think Iranians are going to view such gestures by the White House and the U.S. Government to the people like him.

Do you really understand the meaning of “……”,”…….” and “…….” (Farsi profanities were deleted by RE) the language used by him which appears on the web under his name. Of course you did not. On the web he uses such profanity against the Persians as “Persian Aryan Punks” ,”Persian Jackass” , “ Persian Language”.

Mr. Michael Ledeen knows all of this. I brought it to his attention eight months ago. For the future I think both of you have to be more careful about who you are inviting to the White House meetings. Remember, we Iranians have sensitivities too.

Please accept the assurances of my highest considerations.

Sincerely Yours,

Manouchehr Ganji


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