Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Islamic Republic is attempting to draw Iran into a war - MPG

-There is no doubt that the Islamic Republic has, since its founding, intended to wipe out our proud and distinct Iranian culture. From the time that the kasseef mullahs came to power they have tried desperately to make our country arabic. They banned our sports like varzesh-eh baastaanee and tried to make all of our zoroastrian holidays illegal. In fact, the kaseef mullahs even tried to change the meaning of No-rooz, claiming that the day coincided with an event surround Mohammad. Rediculous. The Mullahs of Iran will not succeed in their treason. Indeed, their treachery has caused the exact opposite effect. The Iranian people are more in touch with their historic past then ever before. We remember the great achievements of our forefathers in establishing Iran as the first world super-power. Our achievements in science and literature are rivaled by none. We have merely entered a dark period in our history. All cultures inevitably do. But I am confident that we will emerge from the darkness and once again claim our rightful place in history.

Payandeh IRAN!

The Marze Por Gohar Party is appalled by the Islamic Republic's overt gestures in dragging Iran into a military confrontation in the greater Persian Gulf region for a cause that has nothing to do with Iran's best interest and in fact serves to harm it.

When Iran's territorial integrity, culture and history are being compromised by foreign entities the Islamic Republic stays silent and in fact even abets. However, as soon as an Arab entity is prodded to act in a civilized manner, the clerics proclaim that an attack on them translates to an attack on Iran. Iran and Arab states have virtually nothing in common as Iran's history will easily attest to. Therefore, any correlation of interests that the Islamic Republic is attempting to draw between Iran and their Arab brethrens is purely fictional.

The Islamic Republic gained valuable insight during the Iran-Iraq war with regard to how military conflict can be used to one's advantage. During the war the Iranian opposition had to put aside its hatred for the theocracy and instead focused on fighting against the bigger enemy, Saddam Hussein. While Iranians were defending Iran, the Islamic Republic conveniently began its campaign of cleansing Iran of political dissidents. It's therefore very odd to fathom why some are clamoring for military action against Iran, knowing that it will only benefit the very same people the military action is supposed to inflict harm on.

Military action against Iran will force every genuine Iranian opposition organization to vigorously voice support for the defense of the motherland, very similar to the current situation except, we will have two foreign enemies to fight against: the Islamic Republic and whatever other state(s) that is attacking Iran. Iran's territorial integrity is paramount to all other factors and concerns and thus any element(s) seeking to infringe upon Iran's territorial integrity either directly or by proxy will be deemed as an enemy of Iran.

The international community has had ample time to formulate a solution towards the removal of the Islamic Republic. Instead, the world embraced the notion of "Islamic Democracy" and "reforms." Even now we still hear terms such as "un-elected clerics" as if the Islamic Republic's "elections" are genuinely free. Unfortunately Iran is now being made to pay for powerful states' miscalculated policies, such as the engagement policy towards the theocracy that was being constantly preached by the EU, and may face military intervention.

MPG maintains that a people's revolution to establish a secular republic is still the only viable path towards properly disposing of the Islamic Republic that bears the smallest price for all parties involved. The window of opportunity however is closing fast.

Down with the Islamic Republic

Long Live Iran

Compiled by the Foreign Policy Council of the Marze Por Gohar Party

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