Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Nearly 500 anti-government protests in Iran in past month - Iran Focus

-We must continue to beat on the door of the Islamic Republic until we break it down. There is no doubt in my mind that we will make these murderous tyrants crumble. It's only a matter of time before thousands of protesters turn into millions. Once we reach that point we will have won the battle. Time is ticking Khamenei... We are comming after you.
London, Jun. 28 – There have been some 480 anti-government protests in Iran since in the Iranian calendar month ending June 21, according to a tally provided to Iran Focus by Iranian dissidents.

Students were the most politically active group in the past month, having organised at least 136 demonstrations, sit-ins, gatherings, and strikes.

Workers took part in some 60 protests.

Among the month’s major protests was a 100,000-strong anti-government rally by ethnic Azeris in the city of Tabriz against the publication of an insulting cartoon in the official daily Iran.

Subsequently, thousands took part in often violent anti-government demonstrations in the towns of Orumieh, Zanjan, Marand, Naqadeh and Ardebil. At least nine people were killed by government forces in the course of clashes with the protestors.

Several hundred people were arrested during a major demonstration by Iranian women on June 12.

There were also several demonstrations by students in four of Tehran’s universities.

Dissidents accuse the government of imposing an atmosphere of repression in Iran in order to terrorise citizens and dissuade them from taking part in protests.

At least five women and two 18-year-olds were executed in Iran in the past month alone.

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