Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Iran tests missile - News 24

- Once again the Islamic Regime believes that it is more important to test old and out-dated missile technology than give Iranians what they really need. If the Islamic Regime is so concerend with Iran's security why does it test-fire missiles rather than empower its own people. For years now, the Islamic Regime has been complaining that the United States is closing in on its borders. Supposedly, the United States is the big bad enemy of the Islamic Republic, but what the mullahs of Iran fail to mention is that their real enemies are already all around them; the Shahab missile will not help the Regime when the Iranian people stand up and assert their independence. Just like the Soviet Union, the Islamic Regime suffers from a false sense of security that more weapons translates into more time in power. If the Soviet Union fell with all of its nuclear weapons, then the Islamic Republic does not stand a chance. So have your out-dated Russian technology Mr. Khamenei. It won't do you any good when the real revolution comes knocking on your door.

Long Live Iran
Washington - Iran fired a medium-range Shahab-3 missile on Tuesday night in a test, a US defence official says.

The missile test has not been announced by Tehran.

"It can always help Iran increase its confidence in the programme," said another defence official without commenting on whether a test had taken place.

The test comes amid a mounting diplomatic confrontation with Iran over a uranium enrichment programme that the United States insists is part of a secret effort to develop nuclear weapons.

Iran insists its nuclear programme is for peaceful purposes but has refused international appeals to stop.

The Shahab-3, which is modelled on the North Korean No-Dong missile, has a reported range of about 1 300km - putting Israel, Afghanistan and US military installations in the region within reach.

Iran is reported to be working on extending the missile's range.

An Iranian general in January said that the Shahab-3 was capable of striking targets 2 000km away.

This would be the about the ninth flight test of the missile since 1998, according to experts who have tracked the programme.

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