Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Translation of Aghmagh-nejaad's Letter to President Bush - Le Monde

Here is the English translation of the Aghmagh-nejaad letter that was sent to President Bush. Suffice it to say that it was garbage from beginning to end, but everyone should have the opportunity to make up their own minds. Let me give my two-cents:

First I want to start by commenting on Mr. Aghmaghnejaad's thoughts on the "undeniable contradictions" that exist in the world. Aghmagh-nejaad is the president of a Regime that favours only those close to it. Government contracts and the best jobs are only given to those who support the Regime and not to those who best fit the work to be accomplished. Is that not a contradiction? Here is a man who talks about human rights but had, himself, overseen the killing of countless innocent free thinkers before becomming president. Here is a man that is so obsessed with the existence of Israel that he fails to mention his own "blood-staned hands." Specifically he complains that the Israeli regime shows no mercy "even to kids." Was it not the Islamic Republic that recently killed several minors? Did they not hang these minors and show no mercy even when the Iranian people pleaded for it? Did they show mercy to the over 9,000 people they have murdered in the name of their religious rule?

Who does Aghmagh-nejaad think he is when he questions the coup of 1953! Does this murderer believe that he is on par with Dr. Mossadegh? Nobody in the Iranian community can ever think of comparing themselves to that great man, but even if they could Aghmagh-nejaad and his cronies would be last on that list!

Aghmagh-nejaad's lesson the Mr. Bush on lies is pleasantly amusing. He tells Bush that he lied with respect to WMD's in Iraq. But, once again, he fails to mention the lies he tells the Iranian people on a daily basis. The mullahs of Iran came to power in Iran because they promised freedom. They promised prosperity and free gas and petrol. They promised everything under the sun, but the Iranian people got nothing. Recently, the Islamic government promised that they would develop the Iranian economy. Instead, the mullahs of Iran, who are now the richest in the world, have pulled out 200 billion out of the Iranian economy. They Promised to fight the huge drug problem in Iran, but it has only gotten worse. There are credible stories that it is the Mullahs themselves who are profitting from the drug trade. No wonder Rafsanjani is one of the world's richest men.

When Aghmagh-nejaad speaks of security, has he forgotten about prostitution in Iran? Somebody should ask Aghmagh-nejaad who profits from exporting the women of Iran to prostitute themselves in foreign countries! I don't think these women feel very secure! I really could go on and on about this, but it's really not worth the time or effort.

READ THIS LETTER CRITICALLY. Everything he accuses the American government of doing he has done himself. He has killed, he has tortured, he has jailed, he has lied, he has STOLEN!

This man must think the people of the world are as stupid as he is ugly if he believes this letter will cause the Iranian people and the world to change their minds on whether the IRI should be toppled!

Long Live Iran


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