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Iran Awaits Liberation - The American Thinker

-This article expresses what I have been pleading for a long time. The Arab-parast susk-marar-khor mullahs of Iran have been sacrificing our beloved Iran for the Arabs for 27 years. They have driven our country into the ground for their own pockets and our neighbours without any regard for the starving people in our home country. The young people of Iran can't afford to attend university let alone milk and bread! People have to work 2 or 3 jobs in order to survive. Many of our countrymen and women have been tempted with social ills such as prostitution and drug abuse because of a lack of opportunity to better themselves. In fact, with respect to prostitution many of the kaseef mullahs have encouraged such behaviour from our population by allowing people to obtain a "seegheh" (a form of marital union in Islam) in order to make the selling of a woman's body "legal." Disgusting.

The Mullahs of Iran have done enough damage. They have made our country bankrupt by seeking to better the Arabs and themselves instead of the great Iranian people. They have mismanaged every aspect of Iranian society. The under-compensation of Iranian workers has brought poverty and misery to the Iranian people while the over subsidization of commodities has brought waste. The spending of millions, if not billions, on an unneeded nuclear program and bombs for Hezbollah have diverted much needed funding for social programs for Iranians. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

The Iranian people must stand up and take matters into their own hands. The Iranian people need to tell this regime and those that will come after it that the welfare of the Iranian people comes first. It is the duty of every government to work of its people. It is the duty of every government to listen and obey its people. As the saying goes, "the government must fear its citizens; the citizens must not fear their government." The mullahs of Iran will finally get this message when the people of Iran rise up and rip the bones of Khomeini out of the ground.

But it is not only time for the Iranian people to rise up and reclaim their right to self-determination. It is also the time for the world to stand with the Iranian people. Let it be known that it is not a matter of if, but when the real revolution comes to Iran. We, the Iranian people, will remember those who stood with us in our time of need and those who decided to stand with our occupiers. Those countries that support the mullahs of Iran are forewarned.

The red warning flags have been flying high far too long. Since the emergence of the Islamic Republic inside Iran there has been nothing but turbulence throughout the world and since its inception it has had time to propagate and mastermind some of the most evil deeds. The world’s casual approach of doing business as usual with the Islamic Republic for 27 years has come at a grave cost.

And so it begins. Tehran’s arrogance towards the international community and Ahmadinejad’s call to wipe Israel off the map have been the neon writing on the wall. If there is one thing the turbaned tyrants of Tehran have been successful at it has surely been in tactfully playing the diversion game.

Toying with international leaders over its “clandestine” atomic weapons program, denying the Holocaust, orchestrating frantic protests over cartoons and now as it rejects Security Council’s demands and the EU deadline, Tehran’s clerics seem to be trying to evade the threat of consequential sanctions by declaring war on Israel via its ambassador Hezbollah’s Hassan Nasrallah.

Violence is how they came to rule and it is through violence they continue to preserve their dictatorship where the policy of this regime has always been devout to instigating terror both domestically and internationally dominating world politics by supporting, funding and harbouring terrorists. They have provided the pistol and the terrorists have simply pulled the trigger.

Even perhaps more significantly the battlefield in Lebanon will also divert attention from the Mullahs’ heinous domestic issues, from both the international community and also from the Iranian people themselves, a population of almost 70 million who have been suffering their own injustice since the terrorists took power in 1979 with the help of their imported Palestinian fighters who rode around on motorbikes in the streets of Tehran wearing red armbands and harassing women into wearing veils. Since then there has been a growing opposition movement, consisting of students who make up to 70% of the population, the labour force, women’s freedom movement and religious /ethnic minorities. If one does the math, this would incorporate the greater part of the population – and the Achilles heel of the Mullahcracy.

As the people’s hunger for freedom and democracy has given them an appetite for boldness and disobedience against their hijackers, the demonstrations have been escalating weekly, filling cities from Azerbaijan to Baluchestan, shouting slogans such as “We don’t want nuclear energy” and “Forget Palestine-think of us”. Although the regime is cracking down on all anti-government demonstrations, imprisoning, torturing and murdering innocent Iranians it is noteworthy to point out that a few thousand Mullahs, Revolutionary Guards and Basiji have increasingly found controlling the remaining millions of discontented people a growingly strenuous burden.

The clerical regime knows that unless it destroys its political opponents, then they will destroy the regime.

Hence the Holocaust-denying provocateur Ahmadinejad would welcome a war with Israel as he would strategically exploit it to arouse nationalistic and patriotic emotions of the forsaken Iranians with a view to rally them around the Mullahs thus repressing the opposition movement, at the same time taking the heat off its nuclear programme.

Israel may be facing one of its greatest challenges yet. She is surrounded. Encircled by the fearsome foursome, Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria and the Islamic regime and a weakened Lebanese government, whose democracy would benefit from the exit of Hezbollah, there is no doubt that it will be a formidable challenge.

Meanwhile the Iranian people continue their own challenging battles with the Islamic Republic.

Hope springs eternal. This recent conflict has overshadowed discussions at the G8 Summit and although members have expressed a “common and unified” position, President Bush has acknowledged that the “root causes of this conflict must be removed”.

There is a window of opportunity to thwart Tehran’s trickery and weaken the Mullahs’ stronghold from within thus removing the root causes of the current conflicts.

Regardless of how much the mainstream media has failed to report the true Iranian domestic issues, one must appreciate the Iranian people’s fight for freedom and democracy, thus proportionately making the support for democracy advocates all the more effective in their endeavours as well as eliminating the root cause of terrorism.

In such vulnerable times one must ponder on what this could signify for the future of stability in that region and international security.

Everyone’s eyes are on the Middle East. Hour by hour news agencies and journalists are reporting to the world. The Iranian people can be easily mobilized if they knew that this time they have the full backing of the free world. Whilst Ahmadinejad has been preparing for his Holy war the Iranian people have been preparing for the demise of this Islamic theocracy.

There are methods and resources. The international community is not completely powerless to support this in some other effective and tactical way. An amalgamation of the external pressure working with the internal force of the people would weaken and undermine the clerical government enormously, whilst alleviating Israel’s burden. Despite the Islamic Republic’s efforts to try to stop the spread of information, there still remain other methods of communicating to the people and arousing an atmosphere of opportunity. The leaflets dropped from planes in Beirut proved to be an effective way to connect. The Iranian people have been waiting for those leaflets for freedom, for 27 years. Time is short

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