Sunday, April 16, 2006

Tens injured in Esfahan's students' dorm - SMCCDI

- This sounds like the hand of the Islamists. This is exactly the kind of thing that happened directly before and during the revolution. In one instance, Islamists had set fire to a movie theatre in Tehran while people were inside. They locked all the exits and let the people burn alive. Nice people, huh?

These are the same people that ended up running Iran. They are a bunch of crminals and murderers. So of course they would do it again - a time when they are vulnerable. It seems the Islamists are very good at making enemies for themselves.

I wish all those who were injured my deapest sympathies.
Tens of female students were injured following a mysterious fire at the students' dorm in the central City of Esfahan. Several students have been hospitalized due to critical conditions.

Several emergency exits were 'somehow' locked and te fire is believed to be of criminal origin.

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