Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Iran joins world nuclear technology club - IRNA

- Now that the Islamic Republic has squandered countless sums of money the enrichment process, maybe they can spend some money on other areas that are more useful to the everyday people of Iran.
  • How about a free or subsidized healthcare system (at least for the poor);
  • A more efficient public transportation (to get rid of smog);
  • Enforcement of environmental laws (to keep the environment clean);
  • Investment in technologies that can be used in CONSUMER GOODS (so the country can sell something useful on the open market);
  • Less red-tape so that small businesses can thrive (oh that's right, you don't want Iranians to own private businesses - I forgot)
  • A crack-down on government corruption that is rife in Iran (that would mean cracking down on yourself);
  • Should I go on?

I guess the Islamic Regime is expecting the Iranian people to go out into the streets and hand out flowers out of joy for the government's success. I didn't see anyone in Tehran doing that. I wonder why?...

I know my dissent probably makes you mad Mr. Mullah, but that's what freedom of speach is all about. I can say what I want and you have to swallow it. It's too bad for you that you can't jail or kill me for expressing my views. I'm here and you're all the way over there - for now.


President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said here Tuesday that Iran has joined the world's nuclear countries.

The president said that Iran has completed production of the nuclear fuel cycle on laboratory scale and produced enriched uranium with the purity needed for a nuclear power station on April 9, this year.

The president reiterated that Iran favors peace and justice for the entire humanity and stressed that Iran's nuclear technology will serve peaceful purposes.

The president said, "We have announced time and again that our nuclear technology is at the service of peaceful purposes. We announce that those (countries) need weapons of mass destruction that are in the mentality of 50 years ago and those who imagine that they can change world political, cultural and economic equations in their own favor by stockpiling weapons of mass destruction.

"The Iranian nation does not take its might from nuclear arsenals and the origin of our nation's strength lies in its deeply-rooted religious faith."

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