Monday, April 10, 2006

Iran to launch women-only buses - Iran Focus

- This news shows just how inflexible and foolish the Islamic Regime really is. The regime knows very well that the people of Iran want jobs and opportunities. They don't care about islamic distinctions between men and women. Instead of focusing their energies on increasing the wealth and prosperity of the nation, the incompetent administrators of the Islamic regime are busy seperating men and women in public transportation!

Ahamdi-nejaad! There are people who are starving in our country. If your religion is so important to you then by all means practice it in your own home. Nobody has the right to impose their views on other people. Not the president of Iran and not God. The Islamic Regime has shown time and again that it couldn't care less about the people of Iran. This is especially true for Mr. Ahmadi-nejaad whose first acts in government was the purging of the administrators in Tehran's university, the jailing of 500 bus drivers (who are poor), and the increased repression of women! Shame on you! Those who betrayed the Iranian people will see justice served. I will fight for this with the last drop of my blood. I guarantee that to you!
Tehran, Iran, Apr. 10 – Iran is set to launch a sex-segregated bus service in Tehran in the coming months, a semi-official daily reported on Monday.

The hard-line daily Kayhan wrote that special 11-seater minibuses will be set up “in the near future” to transport women only.

The report quoted the head of the Tehran Bus Company Mohammad Ahmadi-Bafandeh as saying that the minibuses owned by private companies would be driven by women.

“By introducing these companies, female drivers will be able to use these vans to transport women, thus making transport easy for women”, Ahmadi-Bafandeh said.

He added that in accordance with instructions by the Mayor of Tehran, the new women-only buses were expected to start running in as early as the latter half of June.

Sex segregation was given a boost when hard-liner Mahmoud Ahmadinejad became President in 2005. Prior to his rise to the presidency, Ahmadinejad was the Mayor of Tehran. One of his first decisions in the city hall was to order gender segregation on elevators.

In August, Iranian official announced plans to set up a sex-segregated park in the north-eastern city of Mashad.

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