Monday, March 27, 2006

Aghmagh-Nejaad does it again!

- It's official ladies and gentlemen! Ahmadinejad is really dumber than he looks. If this regime really believes that the people of Iran will do whatever the Regime says they are on a collision course with Karma. Last time I checked this wasn't 1979 and the people of Iran have tasted bits and pieces of freedom for approximately 10 years. If the ahmadinejaad thinks that he can "purge" Iranian society of good people and replace them with his hooligans he has another thing comming. The Iranian people need to stand up and say "enough is enough."

No government has the right to tell its people what to think, say, or do. No government should instill fear in the lives of its citizens. It is the other way around! The regime must always fear its people. It is time for the Iranian people to show this regime and the others that will come after it that it is not the place of government to tell the people what is right. To the contrary, it is the people that will decide that. The government is there only to serve. If it can't do that then it must leave. This regime has shown 100% that it is not able to govern effectively or efficiently. It has stolen billions from the pockets of the Iranian people and when it has sought to implement infrastructure projects in Iran they have been notoriously inefficient and costly.

Just look at the nuclear plant. How many times has it been delayed?

Down with the Islamic Regime!

Read the Article Below. There is also a link to another article that I thought very interesting

Title: Iranian Hawk Swoops on Universities to Crush Dissent
Source: The Guardian

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is cracking down on Iran's universities in an effort to crush a student pro-democracy movement and strengthen the hardliners' grip on power. Leading student activists have been jailed or expelled from their studies, and lecturers have been sacked, while the government has proposed subjecting academics to strict religious testing.

The authorities have also begun a programme of burying the bodies of unknown soldiers on campus grounds in what student leaders say is a thinly disguised attempt to bring religious extremists into the universities on the pretext of holding "martyrs' ceremonies". Students fear that such a presence will be used to violently suppress their activities.

In one recent incident students at Tehran's Sharif University were attacked by plain-clothed Basij (religious volunteers) during an unsuccessful attempt to prevent the burial of three soldiers from the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war inside the campus mosque. The incident was overseen by Mehrdad Bazrpash, a close aide to Mr Ahmadinejad and a former Basij leader.

The event took place against a backdrop of speeches by Mr Ahmadinejad, a former university lecturer, stressing the need for "martyrdom" in Iran's confrontation with the west over its nuclear programme.

Student leaders say the developments amount to a takeover of the universities by Mr Ahmadinejad's ultra-conservative forces. The campuses were hotbeds of pro-democratic protest during the presidency of the former, reformist leader, Mohammad Khatami. "They want to gain hegemonic control over the universities, which have always been important in influencing the social and political atmosphere and which normally support pro-democracy rather than authoritarian forces," said Abdollah Momeni, an activist appealing against a five-year sentence imposed for leading a student protest.

"Through burying martyrs on campus they open the doors for the entry of armed militias and thus add the universities to their fiefdoms."

Other activists have had their studies terminated after the intervention of Iran's intelligence services. Students also say they have been denied permission for low-level political activities that were allowed during Mr Khatami's presidency.

The purge has extended to academics and university administrators. One political science lecturer was dismissed for belonging to a human rights group.

The chancellor of Tehran's Science and Industry University resigned in protest at government interference. Mr Ahmadinejad has also been accused of overturning an established practice of appointing chancellors and faculty heads from academic staff in favour of trusted cronies. A radical cleric was recently appointed to head Tehran University.

Original Article

Here is another article to show how disgraceful this regime is.


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