Thursday, March 09, 2006

Women's Day Demonstrations Brutally Broken up By Regime Forces

Approximately eight-hundred people turned out in Tehran to mark International Women's Day in Tehran yesterday. Yesterday evening, Voice of America (VOA) reported that regime forces attacked the peaceful demontrators and brutally beat and arrested those involved. Ms. Simin Behbahani recounted the events that had occurred in a live interview with VOA. SMCCDI and VOA reported that some women took off their veils in protest against the rule of the mullahs.

I am now extremely worried for the safety of Ms. Behbahani who conducted this interview at a time when the brutality of the Islamic Regime is on the rise. The regime is increasing its oppression of the Iranian people after opposition groups have called on Iranians to use the upcomming New Year celebrations as a vehicle for mass demonstrations. The regime would not use such tactics if it felt that it was not in danger of losing control. The regime must know that the brutality begets brutality! The more they oppress the people of Iran, the more exasperated the great people of Iran will become. The regime cannot stop democracy with torture and detention! The Iranian people will achieve what they set out to achieve 56 years ago with the election of Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh.

Long live Iran.
Marg Bar Jumhurieh Eslami


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