Thursday, March 02, 2006

Iran : Textile Workers Blockade Highway in Protest -

Textile workers of Rahim-Zadeh Weaving Company blocked a major highway from the city of Isfahan to Tehran to protest against non-payment of their salaries. The employees were not paid salaries for three months and their annual bonus was also kept pending.

On the other hand, the factory was not being supplied with raw materials.

This led them to believe that the factory may be heading for a shut down and its 300 workers may be laid off.

- The reason why the textile plant is probably being shut down is because the corrupt and arab-parast mullahs find it more profitable to import textiles from China rather then raising the necessary capital for the replacement of old and dilapidated machines. It is disgusting to see things like this. Iran is a country with huge potential for economic growth. We have a large workforce, much of whom is highly educated. The Iranian people are waking up and realising that the middle class has a right to be middle class! If the terrorist arab-parast kaseef mullahs never had the ability to run the country's industries they should never have taken control of them. But then again they never intended to run the industries for the betterment of Iran; rather, they took control to fill their own pockets.

All Iranians need to stand with the workers of Iran's decrepit factories where workers are treated disgracefully and anti-union sentiments among management are feverishly high. It is time that we stood up and voiced our desire for a government that works with its people in developing a peaceful and prosperous country. Instead, this government tells its people what is right and what is good and it does so only to deceive and to pillage. If the government ever cared about its own people it would never have treated the bus drivers of Tehran they way that it did. What's even more disturbing is that the regime's president ran on a campaign to help the poor people of Iran. IS THIS HELPING??? Where is the help Ahmadinejad?? At least your former president was able to decieve people for a couple of years. Your lies were shown in the first couple months of your so called presidency. If you gave even a damn for the poor people of Iran you would never have allowed the brutal treatment of the bus drivers in Tehran. If you gave a damn about the poor in Iran you would never have allowed such under-capitalization of Iran's industries.

Marg Bar Jumhurieh Eslami!


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