Sunday, February 19, 2006

Two more executed in Iran - SMCCDI

Two more Iranians were executed by the Islamic republic regime in the southern City of Dezfool. The two new victims identities were revealed as Ali B. and Eidi A.

They were accused of "kidnapping" and "rape".

The theocratic regime has increased the wave of executions in order to boost the existing fear among Iranians. Two other were executed on Friday in the City of Shiraz for "Murder".

In reality many of these victims are young Iranians who had stood up against the regime's use of brutality and had resorted to violence due to exasperation.

The Islamic republic regime is known for using false labels, such as, "Kidnapping", "Armed Robbery", "Murder", "Drug Trafficking", 'Rape', "Spying" or "Banditism" in order to qualify some of its exasperated opponents. Such policy helps its European, Asian and S. American partners to justify the continuation of their economic relations with a repressive regime vis-à-vis their public opinions.

Marg bar Jumhurieh Eslami


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