Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Letter to the Israeli Embassies in Ottawa, Canada and Washington D.C.

Dear Ambassador _____________,

I am writing you this letter to express my sadness and indignation towards the actions of the Islamic Republic of Iran regarding Israel and the rights of the Jewish people to live in their homeland. I am especially offended at the recent statements made by the Islamic regime’s President regarding the Holocaust and the sponsorship of a cartoon contest in a Tehran newspaper that is intended to poke fun at the misery that millions coped with during the Second World War.

I fear that at a time when the rhetoric of the Islamic Republic is so dreadfully appalling it is easy for the world to forget that the statements made by the regime do not represent the Iranian population’s views towards the people of the Jewish faith. The Iranian people have been held hostage by a corrupt and brutal regime that has sought its own betterment at the expense of all the people of Iran. In fact, I strongly believe that while the Islamic regime unjustly denies that the holocaust ever took place, it is carrying out its own destruction of the Iranian culture that is thought to date back almost eleven thousand years. One important element of this culture is the friendship and understanding that our two civilizations have shared for nearly two-thousand and seven-hundred years.

The last twenty-seven years have been a dark time for the people of Iran. Nevertheless, once the Iranian people are free, the relationship that we have shared for millennia will undoubtedly continue. Please do not hesitate to contact me.


Ruzbeh Hosseini


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