Thursday, February 02, 2006

The dialogue among civilizations cannot start where civility does not exist.

The Iranian people have been held hostage by a regime who is not one of them. For twenty-six years our people have been held captive; but as the days pass by the Islamic regime's power in Iran grows thin. My name is Ruzbeh Hosseini and I want to be one of many people who are working to rip control of Iran from the cold dead hands of the Mullahs. I want to be one of many thorns in the side of the terrorists who kill my people everyday. I want to do my part in order to chip away at the wall that despotism and tyranny has built around my homeland.

At the moment, Iran is growing into a very hot news issue throughout the world. As the spotlight increasingly focuses on the regime's crimes against its own people I have found it necessary to publish my opinion on the matter. Thus, the purpose of this blog will be two-fold. First, I will be using this forum in order to educate those who are not familiar with Iranians. Specifically, I want people to understand and distinguish between the peace-loving Iranian population and the terrorist mullahs who rule over them. Second, I want to be a small peice of the large Iranian-born movement that is mobilizing against the despotic rulers of Iran. My hope is to invite discussion and critical thought on the issue of Iran in the hope that I can convince Iranians and non-Iranians alike to mobilize against the Mullahs at this critical period in history.

My intentions are clear. The time for neutral and dispassionate political discourse is over.


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